Medical Staff

Michael Mahoney, D.O.
Family Practice
Hermann Medical Arts
(573) 486-5711

Michael Rothermich, M.D.
Medical Clinic of Owensville
(573) 437-4481

Donald C. Swayze, D.O., F.A.C.O.S
Hermann Medical Arts
(573) 486-5711

Keith Cochran, D.O. Family Practice

Associated Medical Arts
(573) 564-2990

Juletta Avagyan M.D., Family Practice
Southwest Medical Associates
(573) 486-2118

Vicky Gulley D.O., Family PracticeMedical Clinic of Owensville
(573) 437-4481

Jennifer Allen MD
Southwest Medical Associates
(573) 486-2118


Allied Staff

Mary Ellen Shanks,

with Dr. Cochran at
Associated Medical Arts

Jessica Haug, PA-C
with Dr. Avagyan at
Southwest Medical Associates

Kari Hercules, APRN, FNP-C

with Dr. Cochran at
Associated Medical Arts

Krystal Witthaus, MSW, LCSW
Southwest Medical Associates & Associated Medical Arts

Brandylyn Bristow, MSW, LCSW
Medical Clinic of Owensville & Southwest Medical Associates

Krista Huber, APRN, FNP-BC

with Dr. Rothermich at
Medicial Clinic of Owensville

Amanda Oswalt FNP - BC

with Dr. Mahoney at
Hermann Medical Arts













Emergency Room Staff

Jaya Parker, M.D.
Internal Medicine
Emergency Department Director
(573) 486-2191

Active Staff - Emergency Department/Hospitalists


Dale Korn, M.D.

Alywin Kluttz, M.D.

Greggory Kuhlmann, D.O.

Philip Stevens, M.D.

William Stief, M.D.

Akeeb Adedokun, M.D,

Pradeep Chandra, D.O.

Adedapo Oduye, M.D.

Robert D. King, M.D.

William Miller, M.D.

Richard Tao, M.D.

Laurel Baumstark, M.D.

John Rayburn, M.D.



Outpatient Clinic Physicians

The following specialists see patients at the hospital by appointment.  For most clinics, a referral from a primary care physician is required.



    Dan L. Pierce, M.D.

    John Baird, M.D.

    James Elliott, M.D.

    John Boyer, M.D.

    John Mohart, M.D.



    James M. Cummings, M.D.



    William Harris, D.O.



    Matthew Struttmann, M.D.



    Ann Wilson, D.P.M.



    Steven Lee, M.D.



    Christopher Hueser, D.O.



    D. Bruce Glover, D.O.