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About Us

Hermann Area District Hospital Auxiliary


“The Hospital Auxiliary’s mission is to inspire, support, and enhance the well-being of Hermann Area District Hospital.”

About the HADH Auxiliary:

The Hermann Area District Hospital Auxiliary is an organization that continues to support Hermann Hospital in a variety of ways throughout the years.  This is especially true through the financial support from the fundraisers and events the Auxiliary holds each year.  In recent years, the Hospital Auxiliary donated $45,000 towards the Echocardiogram Ultra Sound machine.  The Auxiliary also donated $7,000 towards a needed life-saving Ventilator, as well as agreeing to donate up to $13,000 towards new wheelchairs and Geri chairs for patients at the hospital.  The donations from the Auxiliary have greatly helped Hermann Hospital serve its patients with the necessary, up-to-date equipment.

To learn more about the Auxiliary, check out our Hospital Auxiliary News section.

Current Officers:

President: Anne Althauser

Vice President: Alicia Winkelmann

Secretary: Marjorie Kuhn

Secretary Alternate: Shirley Viola

Pictured from left to right are the 2018 Auxiliary Officers: Alicia Winkelmann, Anne Althauser, Marjorie Kuhn, and Shirley Viola.

Events & Activities –

To give an idea of the types of activities the Auxiliary is involved with, here is a list of events for 2018:

February: Blood Drive

April: High School Scholarship Recipients Interviewed & Chosen

June: 20th Annual Golf Tournament

August: 3rd Annual Night in Little Italy Spaghetti Dinner

October: Blood Drive

December: Homemade Holiday Cookie Bake Sale

Ongoing Service - Personal Emergency Response System (PERSYS): 

The Hospital Auxiliary offers a beneficial and life-saving service to the Hermann area through the Personal Emergency Response System, or as many call it, PERSYS, for short.  PERSYS is similar to Life Alert pendants that are worn by seniors and those with disabilities to have available in case of an emergency.  PERSYS is more affordable than the Life Alert pendants due to the work of the Auxiliary volunteers. Learn more of the details about our PERSYS program.

Seeking New Members! -

We are always looking for new members to join our Auxiliary!  To learn more about our Membership, please visit Become a Member.

Additional Information -

For further information, please call Shirley Viola at (573) 486-2041 or by email at  Shanna is happy to answer any questions you may have.