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Hospital Auxiliary Donates Life-Saving Ventilator to Hermann Hospital

May 08, 2018

The Hermann Area District Hospital recently donated $7,000 towards the full purchase of a needed ventilator for the hospital.  The ventilator the hospital previously had was soon to be retired and it was important to find a quality replacement. The ventilator that was recently purchased is a 2-in-1.  In other words, it can be used for a patient with congestive heart failure or who has COPD, as a non-invasive ventilator, where the oxygen and assistive breaths from the ventilator are delivered through a mask over the mouth, and also can be used invasively for critical care patients, where complete control of their breathing is required. A tube is placed in the patient’s airway and attached to the ventilator to provide breathing and oxygen directly to their lungs. This ventilator is now available at Hermann Hospital for its patients in need of this important piece of equipment.  The purchase of this needed equipment is due to the generosity of the Hospital Auxiliary, as well as their fundraising efforts each year to generate funds to help Hermann Hospital. 

*Pictured above is Mary Marner, Respiratory Therapy Director, with Anne Althauser, President of the Auxiliary, standing beside the ventilator that was purchased.