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Employee Milestones

September 23, 2020

Congratulations to our special employees!  We appreciate all the years of dedicated services provided by the employees that we are celebrating this year.

 5 Year Anniversary Employees                

Katie Scheer                                                 

Ashley Cooper                                                

A-Kay Connor                                                 

Amanda Oswalt                                             

Jeff Wehmeyer

Jerri Mueller

John  Struckhoff

Vicky Gulley

Kerry Struttmann

Lauren Jacobi

 10 Year Anniversary Employees

Ruth Hulsey                                                     

Phillip Ray                                                        

Charlie Cass                                                    

Mary Ellen Shanks                                         

 15 Year Anniversary Employees  

Susan Lenger                                            

Jennifer Grosse

Denise Epple

Marie Brink

 20 Year Anniversary Employee    

Dana Sperry

 25 Year Anniversary Employee    

Debbie Schaefferkoetter              

 30 Year Anniversary Employee          

Karen Green                                 

 50 Year Anniversary Employee

Shirley Viola

 All these employees represent over 280 years of dedicated service to this organization.  Thank you for all that you have done to make us what we are.