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Hermann Area District Hospital Board of Director's October 2019 Meeting Recap

October 28, 2019

Hermann Area District Hospital

Board Recap

For October 28, 2019

The Board reviewed statistics and financial reports for 2019.  Patient activity continues to be higher than in 2018, which is reflected in the financials.  Year-to-date the hospital is showing about a 7% positive margin of net patient revenue.  This is almost a two million dollar turnaround from last year.  There has been over a million dollars cut out of employee salary and benefits and net patient revenue is 1.5 million dollars higher than at the previous time in 2018.  Since the hospital is on cost reimbursement for Medicare this could result in an over payment from Medicare so some money is being set aside to meet that potential obligation.  The Board discussed while the turnaround is good it is also having negative impacts on departmental operations due to working to achieve these results.  The Board also discussed when the hospital might be able to reinstate some employee benefits.  The Board also reviewed Budget assumptions for 2020.

The Board reviewed the statewide plan that is going on to gather enough signatures to put Medicaid expansion up to a statewide vote.  Medicaid expansion has the potential to improve our hospital operations by approximately $200,000 annually by reducing bad debt and assisting residents who aren’t getting healthcare due to lack of insurance coverage.  Estimates show that the expansion could save the state millions of dollars in the period from 2022 through 2026.

As part of the Boards efforts to improve operations they are looking at ways to improve communications and services for our community.  To assist the community the hospital sponsors activities at the hospital at no charge including the University Extension to hold classes for seniors on improving balance, representatives of CLAIM to meet with seniors to help them select the right Medicare product for themselves, AARP will be holding safe driving classes, there will be a free Dermatology screening at the hospital on Saturday, November 2nd, as well as allowing other support groups to use the conference rooms. 

Upon recommendation of the Medical Staff, the Board approved privileges for the following providers:

Jennifer Kloth, Oncology Nurse Practitioner for Christopher Hueser, D.O.

Ashley Kopp, Licensed Clinical Social Worker working at the schools for the hospital

Gayatri Samnarain, DPM, Podiatrist

Ashalatha Tatinery, M.D., Emergency Room physician

Patience Onuoha, D.O., Emergency Room physician

The Board approved the following agreements.  Finalizing an agreement with the City of Hermann to sell the old Hermann Medical Arts building, when FEMA awards the contract to the City. To upgrade a laboratory hematology instrument due to the conversion from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and the corresponding agreement with Cerner to interface the instrument into the hospital’s electronic medical record.  To work with Goldfish Medical Staffing to place an additional physician within the Hermann area.  To purchase Cyber Liability Insurance from Beasley for 2020.  The Board also approved an agreement with Walmart under the 340b federal pharmacy program to have prescriptions filled at their pharmacies.  The hospital’s long time Maintenance Director, Stephen Gumper, is retiring at the end of November.  Stephen did a lot of our bio-medical maintenance so until someone is in-house long enough to understand the intricacies of these instruments, the hospital is doing a full service support agreement with HMS Health to maintain the medical equipment that is not under manufacturer maintenance contracts.

The Board also approved a no direct cost agreement to allow the University of Missouri’s Physician Assistant student to do medical rotations in our clinics with our providers as part of their education.  As part of the Board community communication plan they entered into an agreement with Jennifer Moorehouse to help them craft a series of messages that the Board and hospital providers and employees can deliver to help keep the community better informed.   Lastly, the Board accepted a contract with the Gasconade County Community Mental Health Board to render mental health services to Gasconade County residents that have no insurance coverage.

The Board went to executive session to discuss personnel issues.  The Board made no decision in executive session so adjourned upon returning to open session.