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Hermann Hospital and Clinics – Large Scale Booster Vaccine Event on 2/20/21

February 21, 2021

Hermann Hospital and Clinics – Large Scale Booster Vaccine Event on 2/20/21  

We administered 1152 booster (second) doses of the COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday 2/20/21, with no wasted doses and 6 doses obtained from all opened vials.  18 doses were kept on dry ice for people who were unable to be present (due to illness or scheduling conflict) and we plan to give those booster doses over the next week or so.  Despite vaccinating twice as many people in a single day, the event went smoothly by all accounts, with most people getting their vaccine within 10-15 minutes of arrival.   

Once again we would like to give special thanks to Gasconade County R1 for letting us use their gym and having everything ready to go.  The core of a successful event like this is the great people who work it, and while it was mostly the same people giving up another weekend to help others, there were some new folks who joined us.  It was a true community event including staff from clinics at Southwest Medical Associates, Hermann Medical Arts, Associated Medical Arts, Medical Clinic of Owensville, Hermann Hospital, Hermann EMS, New Freedom Family Medicine and Gasconade County Health Department, as well as several other volunteers, with a total of 47 people helping on site in some capacity.  I would also like to thank those who helped sponsor the event, including our principal sponsor of this weekend’s event: Cerner, as well as our sponsors from the last event: Berlener’s Pharmacy, ARB Signs and Kindred Hospice. 

Other than praise for how efficient and organized this event went, the most common question I got yesterday was: when will we be having another event like this?  The answer is we don’t know.

The state has shifted their focus to vaccinating most Missourians through High-Throughput Health Care (HTHC) providers and mass vaccination events.  We are not considered a High Throughput Health Care provider (despite vaccinating more people in a shorter period of time than some of those entities) and our events were not considered mass vaccination events, since our event was not coordinated by the state or with the help of the National Guard.  

Given this information, I doubt we will be given large quantities of vaccine to support future events like this.  We have been led to believe that we and the Gasconade County Health Department can expect smaller amounts of vaccine (eg 100 doses of the Moderna vaccine) every 1-2 weeks.  These will be given through much smaller scale events, and usually on weekdays.  Despite being told we are unlikely to get it, we plan to request additional large quantities of vaccine, as we still have thousands of eligible people on our list.  

For now, Hermann Hospital Clinics and Gasconade County Health Department will be calling people who have given contact information through the Hermann Hospital signup sheet (there is a link at the top of our webpage, but we are also considering offering online sign up for our vaccine clinics through the centralized Missouri signup called the Missouri Vaccine Navigator (  If you are interested in being vaccinated, I would encourage you to sign up as well on that site, and if you know someone who is unable to sign up themselves, please consider helping them.  For people who do not have computer access, there is also a number you can call (877) 435-8411, but the state is actively requesting that anyone with computer access not use the phone number.

Once again, thanks to everyone who helped make this event such a success!  --Michael Rothermich, MD