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May 1st Vaccination Clinic

May 04, 2021

Hermann Area District Hospital

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic

Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Board of Directors of the Hermann Area District Hospital appreciated all the hard work and dedication of the following in giving 534 Pfizer booster vaccinations this past weekend.  We applaud their concern and compassion.

Michael Rothermich, MD                      Ellen Schaumberg                     William Miller, MD

Jessica Haug, PA-C                             Mary Ellen Shanks, FNP-C      Amanda Oswalt, FNP-C

Barbara ApplemanGraham, FNP          Kerry Struttmann, FNP-C          Sue Daller, RN

Corby Faerber, RN                                Mike Mueller, EMT-PCC          Beth Epple, LPN

Samantha Schaumberg, LPN                Leah Gerlemann, LPN        Shannon Berkemeyer, LPN

April Hager, LPN                                     Amanda Bethel, LPN               Katie Scheer, LPN

Jenny Frink                                             Trina Meyer                             Carolyn LaBoube

Lauren Jacobi                                         Annetta Duggan                        Eleaseh Korman

Jessie Heying                                        Miranda Hartman                     Sarah Rothermich

Elly Krueger                                           Rick Schaumberg                     Dan McKinney

Food and drinks provided by Schaumberg Masonry and Rothermich family