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Personal Emergency Response System

PERSYS: Have Peace of Mind that Help is Just a Push of a Button Away

The Hermann Area District Hospital Auxiliary provides a service that can, and has, made a huge difference in many lives of our seniors.  PERSYS stands for Personal Emergency Response System.  PERSYS provides peace of mind, both for the client, and for their family members.  Clients who wear a PERSYS pendant have the ability to notify the need for help by a push-of-a-button through the pendant they are wearing.

How seniors can benefit from PERSYS:

Many seniors unfortunately fall in their homes, resulting in physical, as well as, potential emotional trauma.  Those with PERSYS have the ability to notify for help, getting them the emergency attention and care they need in a short amount of time.  Those without a PERSYS pendant, may lay there for hours, even days, before someone knows they are in trouble. We encourage you or your loved one to consider using PERSYS if the need is there. You never know when an emergency will occur.  Using this service can greatly reduce the risk of disability, permanent damage, or even death, by wearing a PERSYS pendant.

More information:

The Hermann Area District Hospital Auxiliary owns, installs, and manages the PERSYS program and is available in Hermann and up to 30 miles away from Hermann.  The cost of PERSYS is significantly lower than other similar programs.  There is no installation fee, and the cost ranges from $20 per month.  The Auxiliary has been offering this service since March of 1984.  The installers are volunteers, which is the reason why this service can be offered at such a reasonable cost.  PERSYS is a community service project in which the Auxiliary wants to help seniors safeguard their health.  The monthly rental fee is used to pay the national monitoring service, and to also pay for repairs and replacement parts, such as batteries and pendants.  There are a little over 100 PERSYS in area homes right now.

Different Types of PERSYS Units Available:

The PERSYS units each come with a pendant that is waterproof and can be worn at all times, usually around the neck.  The Basic PERSYS Unit and the PERSYS 4200 Cellular Unit work within the client’s home, and generally out to the mailbox.  The difference between the two is that the Basic PERYS Unit needs a landline to work, and the PERSYS 4200 Cellular Unit is for clients without a landline, but who have good cell service in their home.  The other unit available is the Home & Away PERSYS Unit that requires good cell service, which can be used at the home and also away from the home.  See below for a breakdown:

Basic PERSYS Unit: $20/month. Must have a landline. Used while in the home only.

PERSYS 4200 Cellular Unit: $30/month. Must have good cell service in the home. Used while in the home only.

Home & Away PERSYS Unit: $30/month. Used while in the home, and also away from home. Must have good cell service throughout entire home (no metal roofing or siding), as well as good cell service wherever the client travels in order for the unit/pendant to work.

To learn more and to order:

Please let us know if you have any questions whatsoever.  We’re more than happy to help.

You may reach Rose Noelke, Director of Activities, to find out more by calling (573) 486 - 2191.  Let PERSYS provide you and your family the peace of mind that help is just a push-of-a-button away.