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Speech Therapy

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapy provides treatment of a variety of speech, voice, and language disorders, when working with people of all ages who are unable to make clear speech sounds.  Speech Therapy also provides treatment for patients who are having difficulties in swallowing.

Speech Therapy includes:

Evaluation of all methods of communication

Helping with articulation and voice therapy, such as:

  • Auditory comprehension
  • Verbal expression
  • Problem solving/reasoning & memory
  • Dysphagia

Aural Rehabilitation

  • Identifying and addressing the needs of hearing loss

Swallow studies & treatment

Dementia Education

Sherilyn Dieckhaus, Speech Language Pathologist (SLP):

Patients in need of Speech Therapy will meet with our Speech Language Pathologist, Sherilyn Dieckhaus.  Speech-Language Pathologists, also called SLPs, are experts in communication.  SLPs work with people of all ages and treat many types of communication and swallowing problems, all of which Sherilyn Dieckhaus can help our patients with.

Call us to learn more:

Give us a call with any questions you may have, or to schedule an appointment.  We are happy to help:  (573) 486 – 2154.