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Hermann Hospital is offering a new weight loss option for our patients.  Our surgeon, Dr. Donald Swayze, is now performing non-surgical procedures to help patients lose weight.  Orbera, named the #1 weight loss gastric balloon, allows patients to feel fuller, eat smaller meals, and in turn can help patients lose 3x the weight of diet and exercise alone, and can be greater than 10% of their total body weight.

This gastric balloon requires no surgery, which means no incisions, stitches, or scarring will take place. Orbera is FDA approved and helps patients learn proper portion control for those 6 months.  The procedure itself takes approximately 30 minutes to perform, where the balloon is placed in the stomach through the esophagus while the patient is lightly sedated.  6 months later the gastric balloon is removed, with patients resulting in an overall healthier weight.

This new weight loss option is one that can help many who have struggled with weight over the years, and in turn where many have had struggles with their health.  Our hopes are to help those patients gain better health through this weight loss procedure.

For more information and to schedule a consultation, please call Tammy at Dr. Swayze’s office, (573) 486 - 2191, ext. 227.

Donald Swayze DO, FACOS
Board Certified General Surgeon
Chief of Surgery at Hermann Area District Hospital